CS257 Celebrity Deluxe or NOT ???
Posted 2022-07-23 11:47 AM (#557524)
Subject: CS257 Celebrity Deluxe or NOT ???

June 2022
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Hey Guys,
New Member here.
I own one of these Guitars and have for quite some time.
However, mine is slightly different than any others I've seen.
Here's the dilemma that I am seeking answers for:

Every feature about my guitar and everything I read and see about this model suggest mine is a Celebrity "Deluxe".
However, the label inside does not say Deluxe, just Celebrity and model number.
The odd thing is inlaid in the 12th fret, is the word "Limited", which I have not found on any other Ovation I've looked at.

Could this be a "tweener" model maybe produced between the regular Celebrity and the Deluxe editions or what ?

Any input would be greatly appreciated....Thx
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