my guitar
Posted 2022-03-11 9:50 AM (#557155)
Subject: my guitar
March 2022
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Hi I have an left handed ovation guitar model number 1117, it is an acoustic electric but has no volume knob on the outside of the guitar is this normal? It plays well, and I have no idea of it's age. ANY IDEAS? PLEASE.



PS I would send a picture but I don't know how to do it.
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Old Man Arthur
Posted 2022-03-11 1:17 PM (#557156 - in reply to #557155)
Subject: Re: my guitar

September 2006
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If the model number is 1117 it was made as an Acoustic (only) guitar.
Someone later in life added the pickup. So that is just "direct out" to the amp.
You can either control it thru the amplifier or use an added pedal.
I hope that is helpful.
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