Update On Ovation Bridge Repairs
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Subject: Update On Ovation Bridge Repairs

October 2003
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My wife saw a add in a local little free paper about guitar repairs.

So I took a chance and called the number. After a brief conversation
I took a ride with the wife over to Stowe, VT about 40 minutes from home
and met Chuck Sanzone of Chuck Sanzone Guitars

and I met Pete Langdell that builds Rigel Mandolins

Chuck will be doing the work on my Ovation and we talked about my Guild D-55
so I brought that over and he is going to re-slot the bridge put in a thicker saddle
in order to set the intonation the Guild properly which goes severely sharp on the G string
as you fret up the neck. I have owned the Guild new since 1970.
Yes I am a geezer

Chuck Sanzone said the repair on the Ovation was straight forward. He said he never worked on a Di Miola model Ovation and he thought the craftsmanship was great. I was complimented on how well I maintain my guitars so that was nice.
Should have them both back in about 2 weeks.

So that is where I stand on the repairs. I really lucked out having these guys in my back yard basically and man are they cool to talk with. Pete Langdell was a real hoot.

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