Splitting Bridge Adamas 2080
Posted 2018-09-26 11:36 AM (#545415)
Subject: Splitting Bridge Adamas 2080

February 2010
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I have an 8yo 2080 that I purchased new. The bridge is splitting laterally across the string holes.
a couple questions:
Without the receipt, will ovation honor this? For pete's sake, it's been 8 years.
If I have to get this repaired on my dime, what will this cost and...
Who, within a reasonable drive from Rochester, NY would you trust with this (to save shipping)
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Old Man Arthur
Posted 2018-09-26 3:19 PM (#545417 - in reply to #545415)
Subject: Re: Splitting Bridge Adamas 2080

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If you bought your guitar Direct from Ovation, they should know that it is yours.
If you need a receipt, whoever you bought it from should have one.
PayPal, Visa, or MC, should have one.

I am not sure if the Ovation Repair Shop is still open.
But here is their phone number 800-552-4681
I just called and got the same old recorded introduction.
I did not go any further... But the line still works.
And I believe that Darrell Wallace is still there.

Start there.

Good Luck
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