Guitar vocabulary
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Subject: Guitar vocabulary
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Hi there,
I face a small (mis)understanding issue when reading many of the threads about neck settings. Most probably because the French ???? luthery do have different wording.
I have the right translations for a bowing neck and warping neck, but i need a better understanding of what “action adjustment” stands for?
My understanding is confused: is it EITHER the way to solve the angle difference between the neck alignment and the soundboard (i.e. by an action on the saddle height) OR an action on the truss rod with the Allen 3/16 wrench to change bow/warp?
Thanks for the help!
Season greetings to all ??????
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Old Man Arthur
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Truss Rod adjusts "Relief"... (Bow and Warp)
That is the string height at about the 7th Fret.
Between the Nut and where end of the Truss Rod is located, usually the 14th Fret.

"String Height" is usually measured at the 12th Fret.
That is adjusted at the Bridge Saddle.

Neither way will actually fix that Neck Angle in relation to the Soundboard.
That requires a "Neck Reset".

Otherwise, you just do the best you can with Saddle Height and Truss Rod adjustment.

I hope that is helpful.
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Mr. Ovation
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Subject: RE: Guitar vocabulary

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  • "Action" or "String Height" is the height of the strings from the fret to the bottom of the strings at the 12th fret. 

  • Bow and Warp are measures of neck relief. As in, it's either Straight, Bowed or Warped.

  • Neck Angle is the pitch (angle) at which the neck is set in the body and generally requires neck removal to change


A proper Neck Setup could involve any adjustment of combination of adjustments to some or all of the above.  The height of the bridge will be a factor in String Height.   

To be clear, you could have a neck that has perfect (specification) "Action" and be unplayable because the neck angle is wrong and the neck is warped.  

Another factor, just to close the loop somewhat, is neck twist.  Some may be acceptible based on the guitar, some may not.

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Subject: Re: Guitar vocabulary
December 2017
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Thanks a lot for these clear informations to both of you!
HNY night !
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