Ovation Viper wiring
Posted 2017-04-21 3:07 PM (#533829)
Subject: Ovation Viper wiring

March 2009
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Trying to get my Viper working again. I have 2 non Ovation pa's, Firebird-ish, 5 leads (doesn't help).

The neck pup was working bridge not. Opened it up and things looked ok, nothing obvious.

I "had" a Les Paul type switch hitched up, very tight fit, I pulled that out and found I had a mini switch (on-on-on) in my spare parts. Wired it up bridge hot lead to north post, neck to south post, then a wire from the center posts to the volume pot etc.

Now I am getting both pups alone, but not both in the center position. Am I using the correct switch?

Thanks a lot.
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Mr. Ovation
Posted 2017-04-22 5:35 PM (#533849 - in reply to #533829)
Subject: Re: Ovation Viper wiring

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Hard to help without knowing the specific switch and specific pickups.
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