Posted 2016-12-30 1:55 PM (#531574)
Subject: FS: TKL OVATION ACCESSORIES BAG 22x16x5 inches - NEW

June 2002
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Not sure where I got this but I'm pretty sure it's the only one I've ever seen

o Made by TKL of super heavy duty cordura with heavy duty zipper, strap and rubber feet
o Has embroidered Ovation old style logo on the front and the same design logo screened inside
o Heavy duty foam liner with pre-made cut outs for your various gear
o Looks like one cutout is sized for a stand, others for strings, cables, and various gear
o Dimensions are 22 x 16 x 5 inches (actually a bit "wedge" shaped and 4 inches on the "top)
o You can certainly cut and modify the foam to fit your custom needs
o I actually thought it would be a nice holder for a pedal board

Anyway, this thing is super rare, super well made, and absolutely brand new.
$65 in the USA including free shipping.

PM me if interested.

PS - I'm also pretty sure this would hold TWO soprano ukuleles. How cool would THAT be ???
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Mike S.
Posted 2016-12-30 2:38 PM (#531576 - in reply to #531574)
Subject: Re: Craigslist Adamas

August 2002
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Hi, Samuels,
Never, no, no, never, skrimp, or skimp, on a cheap case for a rare guitar! You absolutely need to get the newest TKL/OEM/Ovation OHSC, Model # 9158-0. For this rare gem, nothing else will do. I recently bought one for my NOS 1993 Ovation Collectors Series guitar. (The case it came in was a 1993 Ovation OHSC model # 8158-0; but even though it had protected the guitar,(YAY!), it was done like dinner.(YUCK!) I sold it here locally in Ottawa, ON., CANADA.) The newest 2016 version of the 9158-0 case was/is pricey, yes, simply because I live in CANADA, eh?, but it's worth every single dime I paid for it. (We don't use pennies here in Canada, anymore, now.) You can check with Alpep and/or Damon. They both sell these great Ovation cases in American dollars, so, if you do buy one, yours will definitely be cheaper than mine was, by a long shot.
Mike S.
Ottawa, ON.,
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