Deacon Age
Posted 2013-04-14 9:01 AM (#469556)
Subject: Deacon Age

February 2013
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Would I be correct in assuming that my Deacon s/n 4004 would be the fourth earliest made? Thanks
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Posted 2013-04-14 11:21 AM (#469563 - in reply to #469556)
Subject: Re: Deacon Age

August 2011
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If you mean the fourth ever produced, sorry, but no. Your Deacon (E 4004) most likely has the small humbuckers, whereas the earlier Deacons have the extremely large single coil pickups. The switchover occurred around E 2100's serial numbers. According to an Ovation Representative, the numbers were sequential for production, but that's all. For more info, check out the website below and click on Serial Number Registration, then Solidbodies, and look at the Breadwinners and Deacons section:
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Mr. Ovation
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Subject: RE: Deacon Age

December 2001
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Or here in the FAQ and you will see it was made in 1973 if it had the E-XXXX serial number.

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