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Subject: What is my guitar worth?

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Q: What is my Ovation guitar worth?

A: This is probably the most frequently asked question, and the hardest to answer. Worth is very subjective and changes rapidly with fickle markets. What something ultimately is worth is a combination of what one person is willing to pay versus what another person is willing to accept. Many factors, not the least of which is the actual condition of the guitar, will affect the selling price. There are so many other factors involved in pricing a musical instrument. Is is collectable? Is it rare? Is it popular?

The best way to get an idea of what your guitar might sell for is to use the "Completed Auctions" feature of eBay Search to see what similar models have sold for recently. Other online resources include and Your best bet, unless you need it appraised for insurance or other reasons, is to try and ask yourself "How much is this instrument worth to me?" More value related resources include the "The Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars" and "The Blue Book of Electric Guitars" both edited by S. P. Fjestad and available in paperback by Gurney Brown. There is also the software version "The S-Book of Guitars" by S. P. Fjestad.

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