A couple of Ovation solid electric builds
Spider Paul
Posted 2012-09-30 6:48 AM (#459784)
Subject: A couple of Ovation solid electric builds

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Like London buses, nothing for two years then two together.
Just posted some pictures in the albums - WOW! I had forgotten how great these guitars were., not touched them for a coupleof years.
For the purists among you - these are "builds" not customised. Assembled with love from collected parts.
The Breadwinner stared from an old stye body [end jack plug] that I think was orignally white judging from the remaining paint in the grain. Now a beautiful rich mahogany. Finished with original Ovation fittings and with Gibson LP pups. Looks great and sounds awsome.
The UK II body [thank you Miles], along with it's Ovation parts now has a trio of Seymour Duncan pup, individually switched. The humbuckers are on/off/tap. Great sound and great to play.
Love them both.
I also have a Viper customsed with SDuns [I bougth it like that] that plays like a dream and is my beater while the orginally rest in their cases.
Also included is a photo of my home for the past few years and reason for my absence - another fine US buid.
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