The NING Ovation FanClubâ„¢ Social Network is CLOSED
Mr. Ovation
Posted 2012-07-19 3:53 PM (#456841)
Subject: The NING Ovation FanClubâ„¢ Social Network is CLOSED

December 2001
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It's official. The NING based Ovation FanClubâ„¢ Social Network is gone.

It was a fun experiment and an outstanding host. Ning was at the beginning of the Social Networking technology that started to take hold about 6 years ago. Unfortunately for us, they were just no longer able to provide the features we were getting accustomed to for free. To make matters worse (for us) many high profile celebs and companies were/are willing to pay their fees to have full control of their own content.

I have backed up much of the photos, video and audio that was on Ning, and will attempt to upload it here on this site in some fashion. I don't have a timeline yet. The information is in a completely different format and very little support is available it.

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