'mellow sound'?
Posted 2003-12-30 5:40 AM (#198859)
Subject: 'mellow sound'?

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Hard to describe, but:

No I feel my Adamas SMT is a bit worn in (though it's 5 years old, i've just had it for 4 months or so), I noticed it's developing (to my ears) a kind of mellow sound (which I happen to like, don't get me wrong).

New strings don't sound as bright as they do on my other guitars, but they sound a bit worn in right away.

Because the thinline pu had some wear which muffled the sound I had it shaved just a tiny bit. Could this have to do with it? Starting off with a newly shaved thinline and wearing it in a bit or is it just my imagination?

BTW I use Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 Lights

Thnx for replies.

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