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Random quote: "Believe me when I say that some of the most amazing music in history was made on equipment that's not as good as what you own right now." - Jol Dantzig

For Sale

This are is NOT intended as a classifieds section, but more like the bulletin board of your local music hangout where you can buy, sell or trade gear. Vendors and Dealers are welcome as always and your support is appreciated. However, this website is not intended to be a storefront to a captive audience. Postings of specials, and/or other interesting items this community may be interested in is welcome and encouraged, but abuse of this privilege will not be tolerated.

Some leniance will be provided to list something for a friend, or something you have personally seen, but in general if you do not know the seller or the item, you are not to list it here.


Soliciting offers for items you list is prohibited. Failure to list a price for any item offered may result in your loss of the privilege to post.To help offset costs we are asking that all those who actually sell something here, make a donation to the site. No it is not mandatory, but let your conscience be your guide. There are many that post and sell item after item after item because of the captured OFC audience. If you sell an item as a result of these forums. A small donation is appreciated. A suggestion is 2-5% of your selling price. Donations from Dealers and repeat sellers is a must. Thanks for your continued support.

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Shallow Hard Case WantedBritbits6690View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-25 11:29 AM
> Posted by Britbits 
WTB: K1111 Reissuerichardd12417View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-21 9:12 AM
> Posted by Standingovation 
FS: 2018 Glen Campbell Artist Balladeer Reissue (New Cond)Standingovation280115View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-19 12:11 AM
> Posted by Love O Fair 
12 String WantedBritbits6300View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-14 8:58 PM
> Posted by Britbits 
Ovation low profile saddle/piezo pickup for sale. UKSkin-job6140View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-13 6:30 AM
> Posted by Skin-job 
Adamas 1680-NWT Wanted :)Nasdtrader5900View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-05 6:47 PM
> Posted by Nasdtrader 
Ovation acoustic wanted in the UKSkin-job6472View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-05 3:25 AM
> Posted by Skin-job 
Looking for a brown Ovation hard case for my Folkloremimmo6110View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-03 2:36 PM
> Posted by mimmo 
Orange Flamer GCXTCarl in LA10033View thread from start Last Post : 2021-11-02 1:52 AM
> Posted by Old Man Arthur 
1984 C-SeriesBeal8871View thread from start Last Post : 2021-10-11 4:10 PM
> Posted by Beal 
1999 Collector's Series - excellent condition.falknerbrad21446View thread from start Last Post : 2021-10-04 8:44 AM
> Posted by falknerbrad 
PF 22 Bass 1 of 24 protos and the best Bass!MWoody18427View thread from start Last Post : 2021-09-06 9:52 AM
> Posted by Mark in Boise 
For Sale - Adamas 1597 SMTEricGagne48388View thread from start Last Post : 2021-09-03 11:47 AM
> Posted by EricGagne 
K1111falknerbrad9830View thread from start Last Post : 2021-09-01 7:50 AM
> Posted by falknerbrad 
Anyone Looking for an OvationClassical?bvince16053View thread from start Last Post : 2021-07-19 7:35 AM
> Posted by bvince 
1999 Collector's Series - excellent condition.falknerbrad14965View thread from start Last Post : 2021-07-10 8:30 PM
> Posted by bvince 
FOR SALE: CUSTOM LEGEND SUNBURST 1619 MINT COND. + CASE (Pages: 1, 2)Standingovation298825View thread from start Last Post : 2021-07-07 4:22 PM
> Posted by Onur 
In Case Anyone is Interested, Great Deal on a 30th Anniversary Custom Legend on Reverb…bvince13684View thread from start Last Post : 2021-07-06 7:12 AM
> Posted by bvince 
FS: Ovation Factory Built GUILD F30 GSR (1 of 20 worldwide)Standingovation12140View thread from start Last Post : 2021-06-25 7:24 PM
> Posted by Standingovation 
FREE: Ovation Balladeer 1111-6 Needs Work but Good Project (Pages: 1, 2)Standingovation256725View thread from start Last Post : 2021-06-17 6:35 AM
> Posted by seesquare 
OVATION 1619-4Brothersean11580View thread from start Last Post : 2021-06-12 2:06 AM
> Posted by Brothersean 
Ovation 1619-4Brothersean13710View thread from start Last Post : 2021-05-27 5:21 PM
> Posted by Brothersean 
Adamas 1 1587-2 For Salesaccaguea15891View thread from start Last Post : 2021-05-24 10:25 PM
> Posted by alpep 
Adamas ! 1587-2 (Pages: 1, 2)alpep449636View thread from start Last Post : 2021-05-23 9:36 AM
> Posted by saccaguea 
deacon electronicsBeal14402View thread from start Last Post : 2021-05-18 12:40 PM
> Posted by Beal 
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